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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Two Cats....

...In A Bag, Yowling to Get Out. That's the title of my CQ'd bra and, technically, I guess I would have to say that is the way my breasts feel, especially in the hot weather! I know, too much information. Several members of our quilt guild have created bras to show at our final meeting this month. Of course we might just shock the masses so much that they will drum us out of the organization!

Further on the topic of breasts, today I received my catalogue for 'The Quilt', which is always exciting. 'The Quilt' was conceived by Carol Miller approximately 8 years ago. A breast cancer survivor herself, she decided she would like to auction a few quilts to raise money for breast cancer support. Little did she know that her idea would grow until there are approximately 420 quilts donated each year and that well over a million dollars would be raised. Each quilt is donated, either by individuals or groups, and is auctioned off on-line. Some of the quilts travel across Canada and some remain on exhibition in Stratford, Ontario. If you are interested in learning more, seeing the quilts for auction, or placing a bid go to: My quilt is called 'All I Want For Christmas' and is #400.

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