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Monday, October 31, 2011

A change of pace...

Two pillows made from denim squares
cut from bits that are too small to use
in my jackets.  

the newest issue of the free online
CQMag is available now.
Go HERE to have a look.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Another one!

Another one done!
This one is for a man so has been made
shorter in the body and has less
in the way of 'decoration'.

One thing I've discovered about apartment
living is the 
lack of places to photograph things. 

I'm going to have to do some thinking about that!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fun mail, and other stuff

Recently I was lucky enough to win an ephemera  giveaway from Yvonne and here's a look at the goodies that have arrived in my mailbox (sorry about the dark's been a dark day here)....
I was expecting an envie filled with paper bits, but this is so much more!  There are three old maps from National Geographic magazine (I need a new art journal and I think I will be using one of these to cover it);  some music paper; fall leaves; wooden buttons; four beautifully crocheted flowers; there are two tree themed quilt blocks; and a lovely little journal book.  Such fun!  Thank you so much Yvonne!
I also want to tell you that Pat Winter has a new booklet out - all about how to make her incredibly beautiful boho bags.  I've already ordered my copy!
Go HERE to find out more.
I found these links for anyone interested in knitting cowls..
1. Tip Nut  HERE
2.  Knitting Pattern Central has a whole section of patterns which you can find on their site HERE.  There are TONS of free patterns on this site.
Mary Corbet of NeedlenThread has pointed us to another
excellent needlework resource. 
This time it's a guide to the various needles,
their sizes and their uses.
Have a look at her post HERE.
I think it's pretty clever to combine a great instruction
book AND an actual needlebook in the
same publication. 
Needless to say, there's one on the way for my
Canadians can order a copy at Traditional Stitches
and those in the US can find it HERE

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

CQTeers and ATC's

Today was our monthly CQTeers meeting and, as usual, we consumed far too much chocolate and had far too much fun gabbing and showing off our latest creations.  This time the theme for our atc swap was 'silhouettes' and here's a photo....

The two on the upper left were made by Irene (one is in the style of Monika Aebisher).  The two on the bottom left were made by Sue and the ones on the upper and lower right were mine.  We are amassing quite a collection of atc's - little works of art that are so much fun to do.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I hate shopping, unless it happens to be in places like a fabric store or Michaels.  Today I got to visit both.  I went in quest of zippers for my jean jackets, but came home with several other things. 

There's enough of these two yarns to make two pairs of felted slippers.
There's a half metre of the beaded trim and approximately
the same amount of that gold 'stuff'.  I have NO idea what
it is actually meant for, but I couldn't resist.

Magpies LIKE sparkly things!!

And, aren't these the cutest little owl buttons?
They just have so much personality.  

No idea what I will end up doing with them but they had to come home with me anyway.

All that, and I got the zippers too!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Mumbling again

The Creativ Festival ended up being rather a disappointment.  I've missed going for two or three years and was quite surprised to see that the entire size of the show has been cut in half.  Whether that is simply a sign of the times or because the cost of having a booth at the show is too high, I don't know.  Having half the space meant that everything was crammed in; the aisles between the displays were narrow too.  Several of the vendors that I particularly like weren't there at all.  The major sewing machine companies were represented but without the space they formerly had.  The machines looked all scrunched together and it wasn't at all an invitation to test them out. 

I only purchased two things.  This lovely trim caught my eye.  It will most likely be torn apart
 for the pretty flowers. 

This book was on my wish list before I went so I felt lucky to find a copy.  Whitework has fascinated me for a long time so I know this book will be a good read. 

Specs:  'A-Z of Whitework" - Book 1, published by Country Bumpkin Publications,  C2007, ISBN 9-9757094-9-6

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Today I've spent trying to compress 'stuff' into less space so they're more easily moveable. 

No, we're NOT moving again but it's going to feel like it!!

'The Man' is supposed to be coming next week to install the new baseboards (we've only been waiting since summer!).  That's a good thing, right?  Well, when I sit down and contemplate the amount of sheer WORK this is going to entail, I'm not so sure I even want baseboards at all!!  Every single piece of furniture (and their innards) will have to be moved out of the way and put somewhere (hah!!).  Not only that, I expect there will be a ton of dust created out of all this because there's nowhere to cut the boards other than the middle of the living room floor.  Oh, and did I mention that the closets will have to be emptied too? 

Give me strength

On to another subject that doesn't raise my blood pressure so much.

Remember me mentioning the thrift store trip we made a couple of weeks ago?  You don't?  Well then, proves how forgettable my mumblings are.  Anyway....I lucked out and found this book.

It's a collection of some of the articles from the first 29 issues of 'Threads' magazine....illustrated with tons of colour pictures.  There are articles on battenberg lace, shisha, samplers, net darning, freestyle embroidery, drawn threadwork, crewel, needle lace and lots more.  Fascinating reading!

Specs on the book:  'Stitchery and Needle Lace" from Threads Magazine;  published by Taunton Press, c1991;  ISBN: 1-56158-010-4

I won't be posting tomorrow because I'm off to the Creativ Festival in Toronto!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Stitching, and eye candy, and stuff of interest....

Today I have one of my rambling posts for you, but I can assure you it's worthwhile to check out the sites I'm pointing you to.  There's incredible eye candy, a round robin, and something about helping other stitchers too.  A little bit of everything for your pleasure today.
 * * * * * * * * *

1.  Under the eye candy category, go and see what Karen has done (HERE).  She has created a piece of embroidery art for her daughter which is destined to be a heirloom for generations to come.  I know I've sent you to visit Karen before (and I know I'll be doing it again too!) and if you haven't signed up to become one of her followers you are missing something!
* * * * * * * * *
2.  Also under eye candy, you have to go and see what Kathy of Shawkl has done using buttons and beads!!  What's even better is that she sells the buttons in her shop.  Drool, drool, HERE.  (it's a sin to covet, it's a sin to covet, it's a...... ).
* * * * * * * * * 
3.  For those of you who are interested in crazy quilting, Gerry Krueger is taking signups for a 'Faux Gold' round robin.  Sounds like fun and I've thrown my name in the ring.  It's high time I got back to some crazy quilting and this is just the incentive I need.  Go HERE for further details!
* * * * * * * * *
4.  Are you a fan of 'Lord of the Rings'?  Do you like paper piecing?  If you are, and you do, Fandom In Stitches is beginning a series of free patterns.  The first one is Gandalf and I understand there will be a new one each month for the next year.  There are tons of free paper piecing patterns on this site, including Harry Potter ones if that is your interest.  Go HERE.
* * * * * * * * *
5.  Most of you have heard of the devastating wildfires in Texas and right now there's a collection of handmade Christmas ornaments going on to give to those who lost everything in those fires.  Shawkl posted about it on her blog and you can find out more in her post HERE.  It doesn't take long to make an ornament and pop it in the mail, so please consider helping out.
* * * * * * * * *, here's today's efforts at stitching in the Frankenstich way

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Outside my zone of comfort, but fun!!

This week I'm concentrating on the Frankenstitch class I'm taking with Arlee and here are the results of my playing today...

Frankenstitch is a form of stitching that Arlee has developed to add texture (and a great deal of interest) to her embroidered pieces.  I'm more of a perfectionist with my stitching so this format is quite different for me. 

I've decided to do each of the techniques as a sort-of sampler which may or may not become a book when I'm done.  Or?????

Monday, October 17, 2011

Final pieces of stitching

These are the final pieces of free-motion stitching that will be going on my wallhanging. Every element I've stitched has some special meaning for me.  I won't be posting any more photos until it's all done so you'll have to wait & see what it will turn out like.

p.s. - in case you're wondering....the bottom 'bit' will have flowers hand stitched on top of the wonky stems and leaves I did with the machine.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

more stitchings -

And I haven't sewn my fingers - yet!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

More houses

Today I actually did some sewing and made these houses....

Each one represents a house I have lived in during my life.

Free motion stitching is entirely foreign to my nature, but my husband recognized the houses I was trying to depict so I guess I'm not that terrible at it.  Either that or they were lucky guesses on his part!!


These are being done for the online class 'Road to My House' given by Carole Brungar.  I will show you some of the elements I am including, but you won't be able to see the finished product until the end.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thank you and stitches

First, I want to thank all of you who have so kindly added my friend Ginette to your prayers.  We both appreciate it so much.  Hopefully the doctors will get this figured out soon so she can get on the road to recovery. 

I thought you might get a kick out of seeing my first attempt at free-motion stitching for the 'Road To My House' class I'm doing online with Carole Brungar.  Methinks I need a bit lot more practice!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Asking for prayers....

My friend Ginette has been ill for several weeks now and the doctors seem to be unable to find out what is wrong.  She has been through so much and needs prayers so that a diagnosis can be found and a treatment plan started.  

If you would add her to your prayer list, I know she would be grateful. 

Thank you, my friends.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Potatoes, hot pots, and chocolate shoes

I'll bet that post title raised a whole bunch of interesting
possibilities in your mind!

First up, I've had a request for the recipe for
the Hash Brown Casserole
we made for Thanksgiving.

so, here it is....

2 lb. bag of hash browns, defrosted
2 cups sour cream
1/2 tsp. salt
2 cups grated cheddar cheese
3/4 cup fine chopped onion
1 tin of cream of chicken soup
2 cups cornflakes, crushed a bit
1/2 cup melted butter or margarine

Place combined ingredients in a large casserole dish.  Sprinkle with crushed cornflakes (or any unsweetened  cereal you prefer).  Drizzle with the melted butter.  Cover and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes, uncover and bake for 30 minutes more.  Enjoy!

Next up, is about hot pot...
Our #2 son Shawn  and his wife Winnie were home for Thanksgiving
and treated us by cooking us 'hot pot',
which we ate with chopsticks.  Yummy!!

Finally, a chocolate shoe!
Winnie brought this for me
and I don't want to eat it!!

Doesn't it look amazing??

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Cabinets and denim

Because today was spent doing mundane things like grocery shopping and laundry, obviously nothing creative got done.  In the interest of having at least SOMETHING to mumble about I took these two photos.

The first one shows the new cabinet I picked up on my thrifting expedition.   It's hard to tell from this but it fits exactly under my cutting table (without a bit of space to spare!).  My Cloth,Paper, Scissors magazines and my Quilting Arts magazines are in the bottom, and my Sew Somersets are on the shelf above.  When I find where I've put my other ones (!!) I'll be able to fit them in too.  It's perfect for the space and exactly what I was looking for.  Yay!

Above is the pile of denim pockets and design elements I came home with.  Of course they just HAPPEN to be attached to full pairs of jeans which I will now have to find a space to store until I can get them used up.

This weekend is our Canadian Thanksgiving and I rather doubt I will get a chance to post over the next few days.  If it's your Thanksgiving, have a good (and safe) one!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Great finds!


Pam Kellogg of Kitty and Me Designs has created a beautiful
Pink Ribbon CQ Purse for Breast Cancer Awareness.
You can see it HERE and find out more
details about her fundraiser for the cause.


Do you like buttons?
Do you covet buttons?
Do you want to SEE some gorgeous buttons?

Well, Shawkl has just listed a new
shipment of them on her Etsy site.

I saw, and boy do I covet!!

A friend and I spent yesterday poking through four (yes, 4!!) different thrift shops in search of treasures.  I, of course, picked up more denim to tear apart.

and before you get your knickers in a twist, 
I'm fully aware that I'm trying to
downsize my stash and not add to it
In my defense, how could I NOT bring home delicious-looking pockets and design elements for my jackets.  The fact that all that goodness happened to come attached to whole pairs of jeans is just one of those things, right?
I digress...

My big find was a perfect sized cupboard to hold my magazine collection for all of $20 AND this....

Well, actually my 'find' was the hand, the embroidery floss is what I'll be using for my on-line Frankenstitch class with Arlee. 
I really *heart* my hand!!

Monday, October 03, 2011


We had a wonderful time during our four days away in Quebec last week.  The fall colours were spectacular, despite the dull and rainy weather we experienced.  The above pictures show a view of the mountain (Tremblant) and the road leading down to the condo where we were staying.

Below are a couple of pictures I took right off our balcony and perhaps show the colours the best. 

Because of the dreary weather we weren't really able to do much in the way of exploring outdoors.  There are tons of walking/biking trails in the area and also places to rent canoes and kayaks.  There's a gondola that goes to the top of the mountain but the day we had thought of doing that the mountain was pretty much socked in with clouds.  I think both Jack and I were relieved because neither one of us is very brave when it comes to heights!

We had a great time but are glad to be home and getting back into the routine of things. 

Sunday, October 02, 2011

testing some more....

yakedy, yackedy, yak.....

Is this better??

Saturday, October 01, 2011