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Friday, June 30, 2006


...this was NOT the picture I wanted to show you today! However, aren't these poppies pretty?

The picture I had hoped to share was a scan of the cool technique that Sue taught us at CQTeers. For some reason unknown to a computer illiterate such as I, the scanner part of my machine refuses to work. It will photocopy and print things from the 'net, but no way will it scan. Sigh. I really did want to show that technique too!! Maybe tomorrow...

Sorry I wasn't here yesterday (did anybody even miss me?). We spent most of the day helping friends move so I didn't have time for the computer at all. Tomorrow is Canada Day so is a holiday in many places. We're going to the city to collect #1 son and his girlfriend for the weekend and hoping the traffic won't be too bad. Happy Canada Day everybody!

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