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Thursday, June 15, 2006

On peonies and love

No progress on the doll today, so I give you garden pictures instead. The first picture is of a flower called 'Love-In-The-Mist', which is one I especially love. Of course I'm partial to blue which is probably why I like these. The foliage is so airy - reminds me of something fairy-ish.

The peonies are starting to burst open. We have three varieties, a pale pink, a white, and this deep pink. I have to say that this one is my favourite. Now we just have to hope we don't have any heavy rain or wind storms to knock them down.

We just had a lady here taking pictures for possible use as promotional photos for the newspaper. I think they are using one in their ads for the tour. She told us that one of our favourite garden 'spots' is going to be on the tour too, so that will be fun. I think we will be able to go on a preview tour the night before so that we aren't left out on tour day. I'd hate to miss the rest of the gardens!

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