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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sign making

Sorry, no pictures again today, mainly because what I've been doing isn't exciting enough to show (yet). Jack wants a sign to welcome people to our garden so I've been busy 'designing' something, which he, in turn, has to do his part on before it's ready for viewing. I'm not quite sure where he plans on putting it!

I've also finished up my 'homework' for the CQTeers (again can't show it til later). Now that leaves me free to go back to work on my doll. It would be nice if I were able to finish it before the CQT's meet on Wednesday, but I think that's pushing it.

Yard sales were rather blah this morning. It's funny how the quality of the merchandise has gone so much downhill over the past couple of years. We are seeing more and more just plain junk that really belongs in the garbage. I don't know what people are doing with their good junk, but it certainly doesn't seem to be appearing at yard sales anymore. It's a pity, but easier on our pocketbooks!

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