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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Studio Friday topic - Space

Studio Friday topic this week was space. Hmm. I really had to give that one some thought. What in my studio would reflect space? If you've been reading my blog (and haven't been TOO bored by the pictures) you will know that there isn't too much 'space' in here. Nowhere in the posting about space did it say you couldn't use the lack thereof, so I decided I would post a picture of where I have a decided LACK of space. I know I promised I would never show you a picture of this area, however you will just have to suffer along with me!

This is part of the furnace room directly off my working room. It is also the area where my crafting supply overflow ends up, and the area where we have our oil tank (why do we have to have the oil tank in the house??). Anyway...all those huge Rubbermaid tubs hold assorted stuff. At least five hold santa making supplies; one holds lace; another holds all the paper copies of things pertaining to our family tree. There's a huge bag of doll stuffing in there, plus two stacked filing cabinets which hold wool, my polymer clay supplies, and (wonder of wonders) even some files of things like insurance policies! Right now there are also two huge plastic bags full of fabric ready for the recycling next week. Oh yeah, there's an old microwave cabinet which has a 'mouse hole' in the front with cat food inside so the kitties can eat without having to share with the dogs. There's also an old desk in there which holds my collection of catalogs. Studio Friday is all about the lack of space. If all goes well we'll be replacing the oil furnace with gas and the huge oil tank will be gone, gone, gone and just think about what I can do then!!

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