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Friday, June 30, 2017

Lacking in pictures

Today I'm sadly lacking in any photos to show you because it's been one of those weeks when I've been doing lots of lunches out and such and obviously haven't been home long enough to really create anything worth showing.  

Tomorrow is Canada's 150th birthday - so - if you are Canadian, a happy (and safe!) holiday to you!!  

Today the quote is from an anonymous source..."There are 3 C's in life:  Choice, Chance, and Change.  You must make the Choice, to take the Chance, if you want anything in life to Change"

Monday, June 26, 2017

What's a girl to do??

Yes, what's a girl to do when there are several strikes against her
 and she's weak, oh so weak?

What is she to do when her husband suggests that
a trip to the fabric shop might be a nice thing
to do on a rainy day?

What's she to do when he reminds her that
there are four big boxes of donations
sitting on her side of the bedroom 
floor waiting to be taken to the thrift store
and that the fabric shop is on the way?

What, I ask you, is a girl to do 
when the afore-mentioned fabric shop
just happens to be having a huge
50% off sale??

What is that girl to do when
a beautiful piece of fabric
simply leaps off the shelf and 
into her arms, flatly refusing
to be put down?

What's that girl to do 
when several other pieces of fabric
do the very same thing?

What's a girl to do 
when there's 'No, No' on her lips,
but 'Yes, Yes' in her heart?


This is ONE piece of fabric - with lace already applied!!

Today your quote is from Anonymous...."The Dust Bunnies killed my cleaning fairy.  Please pardon the mess while I seek a replacement"

Friday, June 23, 2017

As promised

Today I have something just a little different to share.  As many of you might remember our #2 son and daughter-in-love have started a family photography business  and at the moment they're searching for appropriate 'props' to have on hand for their baby photo shoots.  I am currently working on creating a number of these little baby headbands that hopefully they'll be able to use.

The one on the upper left is knitted and the rest are all crocheted.  I did each of these designs (with the exception of the knitted one) in several different colours so they have an assortment to choose from.

It's raining again today - seems like we get some every day and we're beginning to wonder if maybe we're living in a rain forest.  Everything looks so lush and green but I know it's hard on the farmers who need sunlight and heat for many of their crops.  

Today I have another quote from Bob Marley...."Some people feel the rain, others just get wet"  

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Monday, June 19, 2017

A Finish!!!

All those seam treatment posts are at an end (at least until I start a new project!!) and here's is the big reveal.  I wonder how many of you guessed what it was going to be?

"A King Is Born"
measures approximately 19 x 30"

Today your quote is from Emily Griffin..."Often I feel that projects overwhelm us when we look at how many hours are involved until completion.  But just getting started is usually not that difficult"  

Friday, June 16, 2017

Maybe you should - sit down, that is!

Would you believe............that this is the last of the seam treatments (for now)!!!  I know - good thing I told you to sit down before I made THAT pronouncement!

Straight stitches (black, orange and green); cross stitches (blue);
French knots

This one is all straight stitches

Straight stitches (black and pink); crossed cross stitches (green)
and French knots

This one is all straight stitches with some 
crossed cross stitches (green).

More straight stitches, with cross stitches (red)

(for now)

Your quote today is from an anonymous source...."If your presence doesn't make an impact your absence won't make a difference"

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Yet more - definitely heading towards the Land of Nod here

I know - boring, boring, bo-r-i-n-zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Straight stitches & French Knots

Cross and straight stitches

Straight stitches (black)...or you could use buttonhole
stitch if you wish;  straight stitches (red); Lady Daisies
(blue) and French Knots.

All straight stitches, although you could use
Fly Stitch for the blue stitches

Herringbone stitch (black); straight stitch (green)
cross stitch (orange)

Today your quote is, I think, rather fitting about what you experience when you visit my blog.  Definitely snoozeworthy here!

It's from Hal Elrod..."How we start our day determines how we create our life.  Are you snoozing through your morning, snoozing through your life, and snoozing through your unlimited potential?  Or are you committed to waking up each day with passion, purpose, and a plan so you can create the life you truly want and deserve?"

Well, you can definitely say what I do might be snoozeworthy, but at least I have passion about it!! 

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

More catch up

Today I'm going to give you a number of seam treatments in an effort to get caught up to where I am with my stitching.  Bear with me!

Blanket stitch (black); lazy daisies (pink); cretan stitch (green)

Straight stitches & cross stitches

Straight stitches, and crossed cross stitches

Straight stitches (black & red); cross stitches (green)

Straight stitches & French knots

All straight stitches

Three rows of Chevron stitches (black); straight stitches (blue)
and lazy daisies (red);  French knots

Today your quote is from Vic Patrice...."Don't let your loss today be the hindrance of your tomorrow" 

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Playing catch up

I'm getting a lot done on my current black crazy quilt project and will try to play a little catch up with seam treatments, so bear with me while I do that.  I'm almost done the embroidery and then will start putting it together so the reveal is getting closer!

Another one made up entirely of straight stitches - and some French knots.

Straight stitches & lazy daisies.

And this one is yet more straight stitches and French knots.  

As you can see, sometimes the most effective seam treatments are made with simple stitches!

It's raining again today, but at least it's a lovely warm rain and my houseplants are all out on the balcony soaking it up.  Because of the rain, your quote today is from Bob Marley... "Some people feel the rain, others just get wet"  

I hope you always feel the rain.

Monday, June 12, 2017

A few more, and a little extra

Today I thought I'd show you the project that our CQTeers group did at our last meeting.  The door to my sewing room doesn't want to stay open so a doorstop was in order and why wouldn't I want to have a cute little fellow like this?....
Pattern is from Wee Folk Art
and can be found HERE.  

 This one is made up of all straight stitches.

Three rows of Herringbone stitch.

Another simple one made up entirely of straight stitches with some French knots.

It's finally turned summer here!  I'm happy, although I could rather do without the humidity.  So I thought this quote from Warren Buffett was appropriate..."Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago"