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Friday, June 02, 2006

Of baby hats, and things

OK. I was told today that it is 'enough already' of my studio pictures. Well. I guess I was told (but I was done anyway, so it was a moot point).'s picture is of the baby bonnet I made. Think maybe I should have stuffed it with something so it would photograph better. Using your imagination a bit you can see a bumblebee, right? It's from a pattern I found on the internet.

Spent the day at my friend Kym's house working on another of my UFO's (a mermaid doll). She had hers done months ago and I've been feeling guilty about mine. What better time to finish her than when I'm on a UFO-kick. She's still going to clutter up my workroom, but at least she will look like a mermaid rather than yet another plastic bag full of 'stuff'!

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  1. Now that's more like it, lol. I think this is soo cute. D. is going to love this!


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