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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

One of those things

The progress on the landscape is happening but right now I'm at a crossroads and wondering if I will tear part of it away and start over.  Trying to create a reflection in water is, I'm discovering, not as easy as it looks!

 AND - just to add a little more interest to our lives, it seems as though the latest changes in the format at Blog-grrr has ended up allowing some pretty disgusting spam comments to get through their system.  Perhaps, if you don't already, it's time to set your blog so that you have to moderate comments just to stop any of the 'ick' from slipping through.  

- Never let it be said that this isn't a full-service blog!  Or some would say that it's more like it's totally out in left field.  Either way....did you know there is such a thing as poisonous courgettes/zucchini???  Pretty much any type of squash really.  I know I certainly didn't!  You might want to check out THIS to find out more.  

- And further on the out-in-left-field items that you often find here, how about checking THESE out.  Something to do with your spare time??

- A further note to the ongoing 'discussion' about Ravelry, please go and read the comment from Quinn that appears on my previous post.  

- Just for some sheer fun, scroll down through THIS blog.  

- And scrolling down through THESE is fun too!

- I don't know if any of you would find THIS to be useful.

Today's quote...."The secret to happiness is letting every situation be what it is, instead of what you think it should be"

Monday, July 13, 2020

A little bit

Well, it seems that Blog-grrrr has fallen down on the job again and for some reason some of the tool bar features have gone awol.  Hmmm....the plot, it thickens....

Never mind, there's been a little bit of progress on the latest landscape...

There's a long way to go with this one but at least there's been a little bit added.  

- I've noticed a lot of discussion about the changes that have been made on the Ravelry site and some people are rather upset by it all.  I can't voice an option because I haven't gone and checked it out.  At any rate, I stumbled across THIS and thought some of you might like to see some alternatives that are available.

- If you like a rustic decor perhaps some of the links found HERE might be of interest.

- HERE is a cute little project that features hexies.  

- Have a peek through the galleries of THIS amazing artist!

Today's quote..."One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say"

Friday, July 10, 2020


I could have entitled this post 'HOT' but I'm choosing to think cool thoughts.  Mind over matter and all that.  Yesterday it was really *cool* and I didn't manage to do a darned thing but sit and enjoy the *cool*.  Today just might be more of the same.  So...because of all that *cool* there isn't a photo of any progress on anything to share with you today.  I'm sorry.  (Just to let you know how cool it is - current temperature is 84F with a humidity level of 30% and it's not quite 10 in the morning.  

Sounds as though the wearing of masks is becoming mandatory here and that's a good thing, despite the fact that I hate them and have a hard time wearing them.  Many of the beaches are closing down simply to stop the tourists and their insistence on over crowding and leaving their messes behind for locals to have to deal with.  It's understandable but yet on the other hand it's making the few areas that are still open grossly overcrowded which only leads to more issues.  There are two sides to everything and honestly I don't know what the answer is.  I know if I lived in a hot city I would want to get out and enjoy nature and the beaches (although when it's this *cool* I can't possibly imagine why anyone in their right mind would think sitting on *cool* sand in the *cool* sun would be the least bit enticing).  There was a report on the news last night that they were parking on side streets because they're not allowed to park near the beaches and to the degree that they were entirely filling the streets to emergency vehicles couldn't get through.  That's endangering the lives of the local residents and flagrant disregard for the law.  I don't know - it seems this pandemic is bringing out the worst in a lot of people. 

Now, that's my two cents worth for today and on to some links....

- Have a peek at the work done by THIS artist.  She is quite prolific and there are several pages of her work you can browse through.

- Those of you who make journals might find THIS of interest.  While you're there you might like to read THIS about the making of junk journals.

- If you have a fabric panel and are wondering what you might do with it, perhaps THIS might spark an idea for you.

- If you like hexies perhaps you might find the article HERE fun to read.  

Today's quote is from James Dent..."A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken"

Wednesday, July 08, 2020

A start

Still hot here and still juggling fuses and lights but I must say we're grateful to have fans and even a small a/c unit so there's at least one cool-ish room in the house.  I wait until the sun gets around and then I can spend some time working on my landscape project.  I keep the curtains drawn early in the day so it's pretty dark in here to be working. Here's the progress so far....

-THESE are rather cute, useful and look as though they would be fun to make.

- There's some fun eye candy HERE!  And even more HERE.  

- There are some cute ideas if you scroll down HERE.  

- For those who like hexies and have some scrap fabrics to use up, perhaps making one (or more!) of THESE would be perfect.

- There's more beautiful eye candy HERE.  

Found this cute quote to share with you today..."Heat makes things expand.  So I don't have a weight problem.  I'm just hot"

Monday, July 06, 2020

And so it nauseum.....

Yes, the post title says it all.  I don't have OCD but I'm obsessed with doing landscapes and I don't see it ending anytime soon.  Good thing I intersperse other things into the mix or I'd seriously run the risk of becoming boring.  Now, don't bother to make a comment on THAT statement because I already know I'm boring and you won't be telling me anything I'm not well aware of!  At least I am nothing if not predictable!

So...without further mumbling, here is the next photo that will be subjected to my play time....

Original photo once again
shared with the kind permission
of Dale Stewart

The pile of hexie flowers is growing too....

Sorry about the washed out bit on the right - a
patch of sun on my floor

And speaking of the sun - and heat.  We've been having several very hot days here and this year, here at Chez Magpie, it's proving to be quite the juggling act to keep cool.  Our apartment faces east so we get the morning sun and we keep the windows covered to keep it out as much as possible.  In the living room we have a portable a/c unit and also a tower fan which we aim down the hall towards the bedroom and my sewing room.  There's another tower fan in the doorway of my sewing room which helps to aim the cooler air into my workspace.  Then we have ceiling fans in both the bedroom and the sewing room.  Well this year, for reasons entirely unknown, we apparently don't dare run the a/c and the two tower fans alongside my ceiling fan OR the bathroom light without blowing a fuse.  I've never been able to plug in my iron with the a/c unit running since the day we moved here.  Why we suddenly have to either piddle in the dark OR remember to turn off the a/c before we use the bathroom is a complete mystery.  And of course the building management just says well don't run the a/c because it's drawing too much power.  But - it never was an issue before!!!?????  Resident Chef thinks I'm a conspiracy theorist because I suspect the entire issue has developed because they installed 'hydro usage meters' in all the units last year...supposedly to monitor our usage.  I wonder if it reaches a certain level of usage it triggers something that blows the fuse.  Just my theory which he thinks is ridiculous.  

- Thought I'd share a really simple mask design I came across when I was searching for an easy version to make for kids.  Go HERE for that (also has adult sizes in the pattern).

- When and if we ever get to do any travelling again, perhaps one of THESE would be a good thing to have (would make great gifts too!).

- I don't know the artist behind THIS but it's so pretty that I just had to share.

- Have a look at the eye candy found HERE!  Oh, and HERE!!!!

Today's quote is from Walter Winchell..."It's a sure sign of summer if the chair gets up when you do"

Friday, July 03, 2020

Not much

There hasn't been much happening here at Chez Magpie that's worth sharing.  I finished the backing on the latest landscape and put the label on (boring);  I tidied up my sewing studio (yawn);  and I cut out and started making a bunch of elastic masks for my family (tedious).  The only highlight over the past couple of days was a flying trip to the  little local fabric shop this morning to pick up some 'kid' fabric to make some masks for our grandsons.  It's sounding like there's a distinct possibility that the kids will have to wear masks if they go back to school in September so a grandma needs to be prepared.  

It's a horrible dark picture but here's the fodder I got
for masks....

It's been quite hot here the past few days so I have the curtains drawn to attempt to keep the heat at bay as much as possible so that explains the darkness of the photo.

- If you have kids, perhaps THIS would be a fun summer activity for them.

- THIS is a cute idea for your balcony or patio.  I'm sure you could come up with other themes as well.

- HERE is a  little wallet pattern that could serve a number of uses (carrying a tea bag for instance!).

- HERE is another cute little idea that would use up scraps and take no time to make!

Today, instead of a quote, how about a little cartoon....

Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Birthdays and finishes


The birthday celebrations in Canada will certainly be a whole lot different this year than normal but no matter what we're proud of our country and we will celebrate it as much as we can.

And - there are TWO finishes to show you today!  I finished the landscape!


This one is also for sale and if you're interested,
please feel free to contact me.

Here is the original photo I used for 
inspiration, shared with the kind 
permission of Dale Stewart...

Photo taken at Dunvegan, Alberta

And, Resident Chef finished the latest puzzle he's been working on. Now he will put away his puzzle table for the summer and take a break.  At least doing puzzles has kept him occupied the past while!

- THIS takes you to a PDF download of a sweet little design that's perfect to work up for Canada Day.  I know Canada Day is today but it might be fun to create it.  

- You all save your used dryer sheets, right?  Well, HERE is an idea to use them!

- Have a look at the eye candy found HERE.  

- And the eye candy HERE as well!  (be sure to scroll down)

Today's quote is from Pierre Elliot Trudeau..."Our hopes are high.  Our faith in the people is great.  Our courage is strong.  And our dreams for this beautiful country will never die".