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Monday, April 06, 2020

A diversion

Like many people I've turned my attention towards making masks and yesterday I delivered these to my chiropractor..

Now I'm turning my attention to making more which will be heading to a central drop off being spearheaded by our local quilt guilt.  There they will be sanitized, sorted, and then shared throughout the community to organizations that are in need.  I'm using the pattern from Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Company which can be found HERE.  I don't have elastic in my stash so I am making the fabric tie version which I understand is preferred by many people (evidently the elastic hurts ears over time).  

- HERE is something many of you could do to make someone's day a little brighter.

- THIS link takes you to a PDF of a crocheted Frontline Bear and THIS one takes you to a link to a knitted version.  

- THIS is a fun game to play with kids - I think it would  be great to simply draw on paper without worrying about the felt aspect of it. 

- And THIS Pinterest board has lots of fun ideas to do with the kids.   

- HERE is something for the sane quilters out there or maybe you'd have to be a tad 'in'sane to try it?  THIS was the version that caught my eye!

Today's quote..."Sometimes we need to fall apart to realize how much we need to fall back together"

Stay safe. Stay well.  

Friday, April 03, 2020

A little bit of progress

As you can see there's been some more progress on the latest block...

I would have been able to finish it yesterday except for the fact that I did a little side trip and made some face masks for my chiropractor (who also happens to be a friend).  He is trying really hard to keep his office open for those with acute-needs  but he's working with no protection, for either him or for his patients.  I made him half a dozen masks and he was very grateful and asked if I could manage to make him more so that he could have them in the office for patients to use so I guess I know what I'll be doing for the next few days.  Luckily there's a washer/dryer in the office so they can be washed after each use.  

Altho' I do try to keep this blog away from dwelling on the current situation, I thought perhaps I would share something that might be useful for those of you who are unable to find disposable gloves.  My friend came across an idea and shared with me and now I'm sharing with you - go to your local pet food store and buy a large package of dog poop bags and use those on your hands.  Yes, it might look a little silly, but who cares as long as they work!  I got a package of 300 yesterday for about $16.  Hey, maybe we'll start a new trend?  Poop Couture!

- There's a cute knitted teddy bear pattern HERE.  And also HERE.  And another one HERE (altho' I understand the yarn they used is no longer available I don't see why any soft chenille-type yarn wouldn't work just as well). 

- THIS caught my eye - perhaps it might help a little girl who really loves her Barbies. 

- THIS Pinterest board is filled with amazingly colorful to see.  (be sure to scroll down)

- THIS is a cute coaster pattern - good for scrap yarns.  Some of these created in brightly colored yarn would look really nice hanging in a window. 

- Have a look through the galleries of THIS amazing artist.

- I really enjoyed seeing (and reading about) THIS.  I know it's dated 2012, but it's still pretty cool to see!

Today's quote..."Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not obsess.  Just breathe and have faith that all will work out for the best"
Stay safe, stay well.

Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Just a bit more

There has been a bit of progress on the second quilt block as you can see from this photo...

If you look closely you can see the
template I'm using for one of the

- THIS might be something to do with the kids prior to Easter.  Most adults would like it too I think!

- Have a look at THIS - it's amazing that it's done with thread.  And while you're there, have a look through her gallery of work.

- THIS intrigues me but not sure I have the patience for it.  Some of you might though!  And while you're at it, have a look at the ideas HERE

- THESE are really pretty and wouldn't have to be used as coasters.  Perhaps as decoration on a bag??  Or hang in a window?  

- And this is an idea I did this morning - if you have grandkids how about checking out the myriad of free coloring pages available on the internet?   I printed out a couple of Easter-themed ones and put them in an envelope to mail to my grandsons, along with a short letter.  Remember to NOT seal the envelope with saliva and use tape instead!  We maybe can't see them right now, but I know they get excited when something comes in the mail.

Today's quote..."The best thing to hold onto in life is each other" (practicing social distance of course, but you can certainly hug your housemates and give each other emotional support.  Holding on via distance can be phone calls, emails, letters and online chats).
Stay safe.  Stay well.

Monday, March 30, 2020

Block 2

I made a start at the next block for my crazy quilt over the weekend.  I'm still not sure about the colours I'm using for the embroidery but I'm looking on this project as a learning curve.  Hopefully I will learn to use colour schemes that are not my norm and that I might just grow to like them. 

Below are the colours I pulled from my stash
using the Color Tool as my guide...

Resident Chef has started his garden and has a few tomato seedlings bravely trying to grow in the window sill.  At this point who knows if we'll be able to track down enough potting soil to put them out on the balcony, but here they are for now...

And...because I talk about my beloved Resident Chef so much, perhaps you'd like to see him...

This is a really difficult puzzle so it will
keep him occupied for awhile!

- HERE is one of those simple and great things you can either make with your kids, or for yourself.  I can 'see' one of these done by the kids and mounted on their bedroom door or on their wall.

- If you have some scrubby type yarn in your stash, perhaps making a few of THESE might be a good project.

- THIS is a cute little pattern - perfect for stash busting.

- And further ideas for stash busting can be found HERE

- For the quilters, there's a new stitch-a-long starting HERE

And, instead of a quote today....

Stay safe, stay well.

Friday, March 27, 2020

The yellow block is done (I think).  The colour scheme isn't one I would normally use but it's an interesting challenge to make myself think outside the box.

and closeups...

The next one I will work on is green and I must say the colours the Color Tool is suggesting are NOT what I would ever put together with it.  I'm going to go with it though and see if I can get past my pre-conceived notion of what's right.  Stay tuned!

Last time I promised I would tell you about a couple of the other 'tools' I am using for this particular project.  I have two different sets of templates that I can use to mark stitch placement on my seams.  One is from Sharon Boggon (look HERE) and the other set is made by 'Creative Impressions' (look HERE) and were created to accompany Kathy Seaman Shaw's book 'Stunning Stitches For Crazy Quilts'.  The templates don't need to be used along with the book however.  I use them as they are but also combine them in various ways to come up with my own designs.  It's hard to get a decent picture of the templates...

'Creative Impressions' set on the left, Sharon Boggon's on the right

- Some of you might find THIS community stitching challenge of interest right now.

- I came across THIS recipe and thought some of you might find it of interest.  Resident Chef plans to give it a try.

- If you're a quilter, perhaps THIS quilt-a-long mystery might be something you'd like to play with.  The link takes you to the first clue.

- Bluprint is offering free online classes for pretty much everything they have for at least two weeks.  You can check that out HERE.

- Some of you might like to take part in THIS project.  Thanks Lyn for sharing this.  

Today your quote is from Pema Chodron..."Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know"
Stay safe - stay well.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020


I have been working on doing some prep for a new large-ish crazy quilt project I have planned to do for awhile. The bedspread we have on our bed doesn't reach the floor because we have the bed up on blocks in order to have storage beneath and we use a quilt/throw to hide the clutter  well organized area beneath.  I pieced the blocks awhile ago and now is the time to start working on them.  Here is the selection as they look right now...

My original plan was to set them on point but that is quite possibly going to change as I go along and quite probably will mean I will need to create more blocks. The original plan was also to embroider them quite simply with only one or two colours of thread (probably black and white).  Now that we are staying home, I have changed that plan and have now opted to use a triadic colour scheme for each.  In theory, my original idea was to do a sort-of colour study anyway, so going triadic is a further extension of that.  Changing my colours somewhat is primarily because I know I will get thoroughly bored with only working in one colour for the embroidery.  Because this is going on our bed I don't plan to add any heavier embellishments (buttons,etc) which goes against my magpie nature!

Some of you may wonder how I am choosing my triadic colours and I have to admit I'm not smart enough to figure that out on my own but instead rely on a wonderful thing called the 'Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Tool'  (updated 3rd edition) by Joen Wolfrom.  
Picture from and found HERE.
I use this color tool a LOT and highly recommend it (no affiliation with the publisher OR Amazon)'s available through other sources as well - just Google and you will find them if you're interested).

I decided to work on the yellow block first  simply because it's one of my least favourite colours.  From my stash of embroidery floss I pulled this selection of colours, using the suggestions from my Color Tool.  

Here you can see my block mounted on my frame and one of the seams underway.  The frame is one I made from PVC pipe from instructions found HERE.  

Next time I will tell you about a couple of further tools I am using to help with my embroidery process on these blocks.  

Resident Chef is a man of multi-talents; he not only cooks, he cleans, he vacuums, he does laundry.  And no, before you think I have the perfect slave, I DO help with the cleaning!!  Self isolation means no access to a hairdresser, so he changed hats and had a go at mine.  I figure nobody's going to see me for quite awhile so what could possibly happen that wouldn't grow back in short order (I was just careful not to sneeze!).  I think, if the word gets out, he might just be able to make some money at this!  Here's proof positive....
That's the pile of hair he removed

And as you can see I don't look any scarier than
I normally do!

I think I'll keep him.

- There's a really great tutorial HERE for making fabric medical masks.  This comes with a note however - not all medical professions are accepting them so if you plan to make any it's wise to check with them first.

- Those of you who sew might be interested in reading THIS post and checking out her links to patterns.

- THIS Pinterest board has some beautiful embroidery to brighten your day. (takes a second to load - be sure to scroll down).

- I'm sure all of you have been waiting and hoping that I would come up with how to stiffen felt.  You're welcome.  (Go HERE).

Today's quote..."The first to apologize is the bravest, the first to forgive is the strongest, and the first to forget is the happiest"

Monday, March 23, 2020

A finish

Over the weekend I finished the church

This one measures approx. 33 x 25"

- THIS might be some good information for quilters.  And if you want to learn how to free motion quilt, check out THIS video.  And for some great free motion designs, check into THIS site.  (Thank you to JUDY for these links).

- If you have a few minutes, perhaps you would like to watch THIS video - amazing art!!

- I mentioned THIS the other day but it's worth another note.  Look for the link to 'Embroidering Our Way Through The Madness' in her upper topic bar.  She will be uploading a new video each week - and I can tell you, from having taken some of her classes, you will enjoy them.

- If you have preschoolers in your life and are searching for some ideas for things to keep them occupied, perhaps THIS site might give you some ideas.  Looks like, if you check out the links across the top bar on the site, that there are ideas for older kids too.

- Also for kids, there are lots of authors reading their books for kids HERE.    And HERE's another great thing you could make for a kid in your life (maybe even for alzheimer's patients too!).

- HERE is another wonderful resource for artists that's free at the moment.

- THIS is something that crocheters might like to consider doing - great for stash busting and working with lovely colours and soft yarn.

Today's quote..."Suddenly all my ancestors are behind me. "Be still" they say.  "Watch and listen.  You are the result of the love of thousands"
Be safe - Be well.