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Monday, June 05, 2006

Mondays...and computers

Well, it's Monday and my computer is so sllooooowwwww. I don't think there will be a picture today folks, unless I can manage one later on today. I really don't know what's up with this computer. I've had a week of 'goodness' and now it's back to refusing to load the internet. It's just plain contrary!

Jack is out cutting the grass - again. We're not sure whether to blame the weather or the fact that he put the good CIL fertilizer on! We are definitely on the garden tour (July 9) so that means extra work for him. Two ladies were here last week and raved about everything (in between muttering about the decided abundance of very large mosquitoes!!). We understand that the neighbours at the corner have an unused pool, full of water, algae AND nesting mallard ducks! It's a prime breeding area for mosquitoes too. Yuck.

I'm not sure what I will be tackling today, but think I will carry on working on my mermaid doll.

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