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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Curious Cats!

Funny how it took Mitzy two seconds to stick her curious little body into this! 'This' is my progress on my yo-yo quilt, which I did a little work on today at a sew day with a couple of my friends. Another friend (Donna) gave me the plastic bag full of pre-cut yoyos which I am gradually working at. It's probably another of those projects that will take years to complete! Hopefully there are enough to make a quilt from, at which point I will most likely donate it to The Quilt for them to use as a fundraiser. This picture was taken on my workroom floor (the only clear space at the moment!) hence the puddy tat being so curious.

Spent the morning doing the inventory of the books for the quilt guild library. It's a rather monumental task considering there are pretty close to 300 books. Since I am giving up being librarian, I had to teach the four newcomers, which took a little longer. Either way, I'm glad its over. Then I had my sewing friends here this afternoon, which was my reward for all the work this morning!

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