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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Nature's Beauty

Aren't these flowers beautiful? They're just part of the display in our back garden right now. I especially love the yellow roses (one of the few plants that were here when we bought the property). They smell absolutely wonderful. I much prefer the old-fashioned roses just because of that. I think they've bred out the smell in favour of fancy blossoms. I've always had an affinity for single blooms. The oriental poppy has it's first bloom of this year and is another favourite of mine.

Blogger has been down for most of the day, so my post is late. I've just come in from taking pictures of Jack's moonflowers, which I'll show you in the next couple of days. They, too, are beautiful. However, in the few minutes it took to snap a couple of pictures, I got eaten by numerous mosquitoes. I hate those things and they are soooo b-i-g this year. I think God must have created them just to keep us humble!

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