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Saturday, June 17, 2006

It's a 'must see'....

...Jack's garden, that is; at least according to the local newspaper. It's quite laughable to watch his reaction to all this. He's busily protesting about the whole thing and claiming total disinterest. I know better! We went down to get a ticket this morning (just so we could see what they said about it), but they aren't available yet.

Still nothing artistic being accomplished. Today is quite hot so don't feel like doing much of anything. Went to a few yard sales this morning & picked up a black wire teapot for out in the garden somewhere and two really cute little cat figurines which will reside in my workroom...somewhere. Oh yes, and a tiny little lead crystal bowl - just right as a vase to hold one little flower.

Our next home improvement project is to paint the kitchen. We picked up the special primer this morning, but can't put it on until after we've sanded (!) the walls. I've never sanded a wall in my life! However, we need to do that in order to have something for this primer to adhere to, mainly because of there being multiple layers of oil paint beneath at least two layers of latex. Explains why the paint is flaking off! It's going to be fun.

Studio Friday has "AHA Moment' as the topic this week. I'm still thinking on that one....

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