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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Internet hiccups...or maybe heartburn? I spent untold moments of my day trying to get the internet to work so I wouldn't fail my loyal (hah) readers and not give them their daily dose of mumbling. It's now my bedtime and guess what? It's finally working! ARGH!

I did manage to get some actual work done today (finished my RR piece and have it ready to mail off tomorrow). No pictures because I don't want to spoil the surprise in case Jan is reading this!

The other 'highlight' of my day was going to the doctor for my yearly check-up. I have never been quite able to figure out why they bother telling you to put on that stupid little 'cover-up' when everybody knows the only part of you that ends up staying covered is probably the two inch span above your boobs and below your chin! No room for modesty! Have to do the dreaded poop sampling thing too...yuck. Don't mind the actual sampling's the not being able to eat certain things or drink certain things or take certain meds for 'x' number of days prior and during. Pain in the butt (pun intended). And not only that, another mammogram is in my near future, along with a bone density and who knows what else they're going to be snooping around in my blood looking for. I have an overwhelming desire to put some purple dye in my piddle sample, just to see what they'd do....

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  1. I'd go for ice blue. The purple could be passed off as beets, but ice blue... that might confuse them! LOL.


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