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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Boob spearing and celebrity status

Bet that header got your attention, didn't it! There would have been a picture of my doll today, but I didn't want to put you through the pain and suffering that I just know you would experience if I showed the fact that I am stitching things onto her poor boobs at the moment. Aren't I nice to think so kindly of your inner sensibilities? Thought so!

The picture is of the latest flowers to bust open in the garden. These have a very dry bud (reminds me of paper...or strawflowers) which you can see in the picture as the brownish 'things' on either side. Then the flower suddenly pops out the top and is such a pretty yellow. The goldfinches absolutely adore these when they go to seed.

As for celebrity status, we are going to be 'interviewed' for one of the local papers regarding the garden tour. Actually they want to interview Jack, but he flatly refuses unless I'm there to act as mouthpiece. After all it's my fault that he got into this in the first place! Guess we can blame all this newspaper brooo-ha-ha on the historical society because they are the ones behind the advertising. Hey, maybe we'll be front page news!!

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