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Monday, April 25, 2016

Tah Dah!!

It's done, It's done!!
(and even more miraculously, it's been
sewn up, ready to put onto the pillow).

But it won't be today - it's snowing!!

Here are some closeups....

You can click to embiggen the pictures if you'd like.

That should finish my series
of pillow covers (unless I decide
to do one for Halloween!).

Perhaps tomorrow I will roust out pictures of the 
entire series so you can see them all together.

Another little tidbit found in my mother's collection...

If you plant for a year - plant grain.
If you plant for a century - plant trees.
If you plant for eternity - plant ideas.


  1. So many details and so much to look at! Delightful!
    I think my favorite bit is still that little glimpse of a forested chasm :)

  2. Love it. your work is inspiring to me. Yes please show the others that will be interchanged with this one. I'm so anxiously awaiting my magazine. I wish there was someone locally here that enjoyed the crazy quilting. It would be nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of and encourage each other. Oh well, it is what it is. Congratulations on a lovely finish.

  3. Whoa, that's great. I'm very partial to the lighthouse

  4. Absolutely amazing! I love it, well done you, you must be delighted and should be very proud of your achievement ✂🚤⚓

  5. The his is absolutely awesome! Well done!!!

  6. A perfect Summer Pillow on a Spring Snowing Day. Lovely Summer scene and all the details really make this special. It is very cold and windy here too and no sunshine! Oh for the warmth of Summer. Ideas to last a lifetime and beyond...very wise words.

  7. I love the gulls and the puppy! I love the whole thing actually.

  8. I love every stitch!! It makes such a pretty summer picture!
    Snowing? I thought you were kidding. So sorry you got snow...just don't look out the window..look at your pillow!
    Xx, Carol

  9. What a labour of love!So much beautiful stitching here Mary Ann.A project to be very proud of.Thanks for sharing.

  10. It is beautiful Mary Anne and the colours are so cheerful and sunny! Perhaps someone should tell your weather that you have moved on from Winter! Hope you have a good week! Christine x

  11. Wow! It looks so awesome! So much to see in it, things to marvel at and enjoy seeing all the little details. You are so clever.

  12. I really am lost for words, Mary Anne!
    I love all the ideas you have used and I certainly know where to look for future inspiration!
    Loving all the phrases from your mother's collection too!
    I hope you are keeping nice and warm!
    Barbara xx

  13. It's wonderful:) You should do a Halloween cushion cover. That wold be fun.

  14. A gorgeous finish! Love the quote.

  15. Wow, I love it! So unique, what a treasure!

  16. A really fabulous cushion cover, Mary Anne. I spied a sweet little tortoise among many other treasures.

    Is it possible to book in for a holiday in the castle? If not I could bring a tent and camp out. :-))

  17. Wow! That turned out beautifully!!! What a great piece of art. :-)

  18. This is so lovely. Every little detail, so many of them. And the whole concept is a happy, beautiful scene. A wonderful piece.

  19. Very eye catching!!! Congratulations

  20. embellish and then much detail to pore over.

  21. I'll be back tomorrow!!

  22. I love, love, LOVE it! What a beautiful, beautiful pillow cover. Your work is fantastic. Congratulations on another fabulous finish!


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