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Monday, April 18, 2016

I like my mailman!

I must admit our mailman is a grump - he snarls his way through his day and most of us try to avoid him like the plague.  However, when he brings such delights to my mailbox as he did last week, how can I not have a teeny bit of love in my heart for him.

First of all - he brought a wonderful mysterious-looking box in the mail with the return address attributed to Vicki Boster.  Oh happy day!!  I already knew what might be in there, but I didn't know just how beautiful it truly is!!  Vicki is renowned for creating the most incredible birds' nests with much of the proceeds going to charity.  I have admired her work from afar for a very long time so imagine my astonishment and delight to now be the proud caretaker for my very own nest!  

 Look at how prettily it was packaged!
There's a gorgeous tag AND the tissue was stamped with 
little nests filled with eggs.  So pretty!

 Vicki has given me permission to
share one of her pictures from her 
Etsy shop to show you what my
pretty nest looks like...

Her photo is SO much better than mine could ever be,
so thank you Vicki for allowing me to use it.

Do you see the teeny little eggs nestled in the nest?  And all the wondrous fibers and yarns and details that she includes?

Thank you Vicki!  

Last week the mailman also brought another parcel to my mailbox. Tonia of All Thingz Sewn'  wanted to re-home her collection of 'Tilda' books and chose me to be their caregiver.  I was more than delighted to do so!  I have long admired the Tilda dolls and have wanted to make one...or more ;) ....  and now, thanks to Tonia, I can!  

If you're not familiar with 'Tilda' dolls,
just do-a-google and you'll find tons
of examples!

Thank you so much Tonia!!

Alas, I have no pictures to show you of any progress on the pillow cover.  The weather turned beautiful over the weekend and I didn't get any stitching done.  Having a picnic in the park with our grandson sort of took precedence.  How could that be?

Today I have another quote I found in the papers my mother had... 
"All of us are always going to do better tomorrow and we would too, if only we started today."


  1. Congratulations on your fun mail! I cannot wait to see the next issue of the CQ Quarterly! Betty Pillsbury is one of my favorite CQ artists and you ladies do such a lovely job with the magazine!

  2. Oh you have had some delightful mail this past week. I am also a very fortunate owner of one of Vicki's Woodland Nests. Tilda dolls are a favorite of mine and I recently purchased one of her books. Now to merely find the time to actually sew. A picnic wth your Grandson is definitely priority. Embracing Creative Bliss...

  3. Wow, that really is a crackerjack collection of mail! Vicki's stuff is amazing to me - like another world.
    I love the mail carrier who does my Rural Route, but I rented a PO Box in town this winter to avoid the difficulty of trying to provide clear access to my roadside box, from a truck, when there is snow (= impossible). We still wave in passing! I think the box rental in town lasts through May, so soon I'll be checking the box at the end of my driveway with the anticipation that decades of Mostly Bills has not dampened. Because, you never know, I could have a week like yours!

  4. That nest if just yummy... gives me inspiration for my upcoming gold nest... Your mailman's brother is the postmaster at my little post office,,,, terrible... I make it my mission in life to make him smile.. He only kinda grins when I ask him if he's lost weight because he looks great... I lie.

  5. Oh my word, such mail riches this week!! Those Tilda books are gorgeous.Will we be seeing any soon? Those nests are gorgeous!Glad you're having a happy week.
    I often wonder about people who Grump their way through the day. Life is WAY too short!!Even if you have a horrible job, there must be some little part that's enjoyable- other wise it seems imperative to change jobs.Perhaps the poor man is trapped by mortgage etc.

  6. Poor grumpy mailman! But wonderful lovely parcels!

  7. I love Vicki's work too....I love the colours :)

  8. Love your fabulous mail goodies! Ah, a picnic in the park with a little special someone trumps stitching!

  9. Your bird's nest is beautiful, I have admired Vicki's work.
    I was surprised to see my blog mentioned, you are so very welcome sweet lady.
    I definitely want a copy of the magazine.
    Are there any back issues available that you might know of? I was able to get all kinds of embroidery floss as Handcocks is closing 90% off. I have been collecting doo dads for 2or3 years.
    I actually started her beginners last year and was unable to finish do to closing shop and cataract surgery and "stuff". I got the background block finished and that was all. It is something I would love to finish.
    The flower garden is calling (Yelling) my name guess I better go.
    Hugs and Blessings

  10. What a bundle of joy you received. The nest is gorgeous. I'm happy for you that you'll finally be able to make your Tilda doll. Have heaps of fun doing just that.

  11. Ahhhh-- you are too sweet to share the nest photo. I'm thrilled that my little nest is loved in its new home:)

    What's up with the hateful mailman? I have one too!! Actually it's a lady and I'm determined to kill her with kindness!

  12. I too have admired Vicki's work across the blogosphere - how cool that you have your own birds nest, beautiful and exquisite.
    You're right the best is now when it comes to playing with your grandson!
    Wren x

  13. Lots of lovely goodies! beautiful nest. I have several books of Tilda dolls and stuff. I made one of the giraffe's for my granddaughter a couple of years ago. It was a fun project.

  14. What lovely packages!! The nest is really gorgeous! Enjoy the Tilda books too... I love them! Have a nice week! Christine x


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