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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Just a little change of pace....

Before I get started on my next crazy quilt project(s) I thought I might make a few 'expected grandbaby things', so here's a pile of receiving blankets, just waiting for a nice wash to be ready for September...

You might guess from seeing these that
the new wee one will be a boy.  
And you would be right!

Another of the pieces found in my mother's collection (author unknown)....

 Give me one friend, just one, who meets
The needs of all my varying moods;
Be we in noisy city streets
Or in dear Nature's solitudes.

One who can let the world go by,
And suffer not a minutes pang
Who'd dare to shock propriety
With me and never care a hang.

One who can share my grief or mirth,
And know my days to praise or curse
And rate me just for what I'm worth
And find me still - Oh, not so worse!

Give me one friend, for peace or war,
And I shall hold myself well blest,
And richly compensated for
The cussedness of all the rest.  


  1. Looking forward to seeing what is made for the GS with those fabrics. Happy playing.

    Love the Friend verse and am fortunate to have married my friend.

  2. Have fun making lots of cute baby items for your new grandson.... I love the fabrics you have chosen for the blankets. Christine x

  3. Love the verse.
    I think little grandson will be all comfy and cuddly in those cute receiving blankets!

  4. Very sweet receiving blankets for a new little grandson. To be a Grandma is such a blessing!

  5. Love these! Our 'retired teacher' craft group made a bunch of these for our local crisis nursery. They were fast and fun and we hope will be well used. Congrats on your new little fellow! Z

  6. How lovely - the look so cuddly and bright!

  7. more baby talk.....I blame you for my broodyness


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