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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Further progress

As you can see, there have been a few more additions to the pillow cover.  There are two sailboats, along with a fence with flowers (all done using cross stitch on waste canvas).  I also added a pretty trim along one of the water seams (thank you Pam!!). 

I thought this poem, written by my mother, dated 1941 (while she was in the tuberculosis hospital)  rather fits the theme of my pillow cover...

White caps set on a stormy lake
Beneath a sky of grey,
A sea gull stirred by the moving wind
Sails smoothly across the bay.
A sailboat set by a cool green shore
Rocks heavily in the breeze
And the bright red hues of autumn leaves
Are showing in the trees.
While here I lie on a bed so dull
But in my heart a ray.
I dream of the day when my love and I
In our ship of dreams will sway.
I know the ship may sometimes toss
As the waters roughly roll,
But I'll feel secure, with the one I love,
And hold within my soul. 


  1. I am entranced by the way that strip of green forest fabric seems to create an opening to a canyon! Maybe the "birds-eye view" suggested by the gulls adds to it.

  2. A boat....even both my husband and I love this!

  3. Love your new additions Mary Anne... the pillow cover is really looking beautiful... I love seascapes! I really enjoyed the poem your mother wrote... it was very touching! Christine x

  4. Okay...age old question...which came first the poem or the pillow? Gosh this picture is really filling up with really cool motifs. I just love that fence addition too!!
    xx, Carol

  5. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Lovely! And what a nice poem. Thanks for sharing that.
    Maureen S

  6. I love the sand castle and the little fence!

  7. Looking better all the time.

  8. What a fabulously moving poem. It speaks right to the heart.
    Love your mixed-media coastal scene. It's all the more meaningful to me because I have just 'settled' into a house on the coast as we just love the sea scenes, and have finally stopped our search for our dream home. Love having 'proper' internet back too, lol.

  9. Oh that pillow and poem belong together! Are you going to embroider the poem on the back of your beautiful pillow?

  10. What a lovely idea Suztats had. Could it be printed on fabric to attach at the back?


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