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Monday, April 11, 2016

One step forward, two steps back

Over the weekend I finished the vine section on my pillow cover. 

The flowers on the vine are simply heart-shaped
beads with the addition of straight stitches
and small beads.  The leaves are bullion stitches, 
done with variegated thread, surrounded by 
lazy-daisy stitches.

I also added a little school of fish.

I added some 'waves' in the water closest to the land, but hated the look, so frogged those.  I will show you tomorrow what I did instead.  This afternoon I stitched a floral section on the lower right and when I removed the tissue paper pattern I hate that too.  I very stupidly forgot that it should be on the level with the bottom of the posts the seagull is perched on.  So....there's more rippit-ing in my future!

Unless I can add more flowers.


Today I have another poem I found in my mother's papers, unfortunately I don't know the author.  I do know it wasn't my mother.  


It's hard to make the climb alone,
To take the upward trend, 
If no one understands you,
No sympathetic friend.

The cup of fame is hollow
Though it be burnished bright,
Unless one sees reflected
A face within it's light.

If someone loves to listen,
To weep when you weep too,
And shares your own ambition
In harmony with you.

If someone takes an interest
And soul goes forth with soul,
The struggle seems so different
More worthwhile than the goal.

The heart leaps high with courage,
New plans with visions blend,
You would not dare to disappoint
The hopes of one true friend.


  1. It's interesting watching all the details coming along on your project - and I love those flowers! :)

  2. I think I'd add more flowers, a vining garland..

  3. Beautiful stitches and words, thanks for sharing!

  4. The heart shaped beads look great! And of course love, love the little fishies!

  5. I love seeing the progress on your cover but I am sorry to hear about the frogging! Hope you find something you like to replace the stitches pulled out! Christine x

  6. I absolutely LOVE those heart flowers. I will have to steal your idea on a future block.
    xx, Carol

  7. It surprises me how much the stitching changes everything to flow together. This is going to be beautiful. I enjoy watching each step in the making. A slow process, but I can hardly wait to see finished pillow.

  8. I love the cluster of shells and the little fishes.

  9. I enjoy your process sew very much. Everything looks wonderful and I agree with the frogging of those waves. Stitching Bliss...

  10. I think I'm a bit out of my frogging depth with all these cute technical terms! So lovely to learn new things and to see the progress you are making, I'm in awe of you! Thank you for being with me all the way this week, well maybe not in the jet ski?! How would you fancy going on a Harley motorbike?!
    I hope you have a creative week ahead.
    Wren x


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