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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Fixes x 2

Yesterday I said there were a couple of areas on my pillow cover that I wasn't happy with.  You can see the fix for the first area in this picture (unfortunately I didn't take a 'before' picture)...

It's hard to take a picture of metallic thread, but trust me - the 'waves' in the water were stitched with silver metallic that gives a good effect overall.

Here is the 'before' picture of the second area I
was referring to...

The yellow stitches you see at the bottom signify my seam line.  Normally I keep my stitching inside that line somewhat so that nothing interferes with the actual seam.  This time I decided I wanted the embroidery to extend right to the marked border line - a fact I managed to totally overlook when I stitched this area.  Well, what to do?  I could either frog the entire area and start over, OR I could simply add to it, which is what I've done...

You should be able to click on the pictures to
embiggen them.

Here's another of the poems I found in Mom's book.  In my quest to discover who the author might be, the only reference that came up was that this poem was penned by Vida V. Young and was published in 'The Canadian Statesman' newspaper, dated Oct. 11, 1934.  This makes complete sense because that's the time period my mother was in the tuberculosis hospital.


I meant to make a friendly call
And let the neighbours know
We welcomed them into our town
And kindly interest show.
I meant to do it right away
But put it off somehow,
Till months had quickly passed away.
The house is empty now.

I had a friend, a dear, dear friend
So many miles away;
I used the little gifts she sent
And loved her more each day.
I meant to write and tell her so
Just put it off you know
And that is why this quiet eve
My heart is aching so.

Your friend still lives?
Then send that friend
A loving word today;
Perchance 'twill bring a soul fresh hope,
Dark clouds may drive away.
'Twill take a little time, 'tis true,
But other work can wait,
For sad the heart whose tender words
Are penned, alas, too late.

I meant to see a dear young girl
Whose friends were far away,
And warn her that the path she took
Would lead her feet astray.
The task was hard, and louth was I
Such warnings to begin,
And now the one I meant to win
Has reached the depths of sin.

So many things I meant to do
Through blinding tears I see -
The warning word, the loving deed,
The note of sympathy.
The things you mean to do, do now;
Oh, do not let them wait
Unless from out your quivering lips,
You breathe the words "Too Late!"


  1. Your stitchery is absolutely amazing! I just love to visit and see what you're up at poem is a good one. It's so easy to put off what we should do for others. Take care, my friend!

  2. Wow! That poem really says it doesn't it. I wrote to a friend in Canada today - so the poem was a good reminder as I don't want to lose contact with her. Really likey the metallic waves.

  3. Both your 'fixes' look great Mary Anne.... I particularly like the extra flowers that you added... beautiful! Christine x

  4. Oh I agree, adding to your lovely embroidery is a much better option. =) What a lovely poem reminding us to not wait for another time to send that card, ring that friend...tomorrow may be too late.

  5. Big difference, what a good visual perception you have. I did not notice the sweet garden fence before, the enlargement of the flowers area seemed to help pull my eye up. Or maybe it was the close up, but I don't think so. I like this more everyday.

  6. Bullions,buttons and them..beautifully stitched, MA

  7. Perfect silver lined waves. I love your "Field of Flowers". This pillow is coming along quite nicely. You will be sew ready by Summer.


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