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Friday, April 22, 2016

Fore - and - Aft

First I will show you a couple new areas I've completed on the pillow top...

Here you can see that I've added two little seam treatments - one is between the grass and the sand - a row of whipped running stitch; some lazy daisies, straight stitches & tiny little beads.  The second seam moves to the right, close to the water....two rows of running stitch, woven on top with matching thread.

The 'fore' and 'aft' portion of this post concerns the heart I did on the pillow.  I was never 100% happy with it and felt that it blended too much with the background.  Here's a photo of it....

It was an element I wanted to stand out more...
to make it look different from the areas that
surrounded it.

SO - I changed it somewhat...

I think the addition of the row of pink beads certainly helped (and, even better, I had exactly the right amount!).  In hindsight I wish I had appliqued the heart in a contrasting fabric (perhaps lace).  I still could have done that, however I didn't want to have to remove the silk ribbon flowers.  Silk ribbon is precious and I don't like wasting it!

So, now what do you think?
Is it better?

Another quote from my mother's collection...  "Don't keep the milk of human kindness too long in cold storage.  It is apt to decline in quality"


  1. I love seeing this come together, I think it looks fantastic!

  2. I really like the addition of the pink beads to the heart. You could still appliqué a smaller lace heart within the heart shape and not disturb the beautiful silk ribbon roses. Just my little thought dear.

  3. Yes, yes, I do like the heart standing out more. It looks really pretty now and a feature. Nice!

  4. It's amazing how each addition has transformed this piece into a picture work of art. I especially like how the recently added seam treatments defined the landscape.
    Xx, Carol

  5. Yes, better! I just love watching your pieces develop.

  6. To be perfectly honest I did not notice the heart, I thought is was just a row of flowers. But this is coming from someone that did not notice the sun rays either. Yes, now I see it perfectly. Surely you're going to keep this when finished. I can't imagine putting this much of myself in something then selling it. Maybe , just maybe give it to someone I love. And I would have to think about that. People don't appear to care about the heart value of heirlooms any more. Ok, lets not get off on that. Pillow is coming along beautifully.

  7. I like the seashells and summer flowers, nice touch.

  8. You're an amazing artist MA!
    I clicked on each of your photos to admire the detail, to see what stitches you were doing.
    I can't believe how perfect your french knots are - all totally uniform.
    I would love to work with beads but my eyes are a problem now, so I'm careful I don't wear them out! My mother went blind in her eighties and I'm not too far off now so any embroidery I do is "big stuff" even though I prefer the fine linens.

    The heart certainly stands out beautifully with the addition of the pink beads.


  9. Clever idea with the matching beads MA. They definitely added to the heart. I love how you tweak things you are not happy with.

  10. It looks fabulous Mary Anne... the beading is a wonderful addition! Christine x

  11. OOOHHH! This is gorgeous! I just found your blog and amazed at the beautiful work you do. I'll be visiting often to follow you. Thank you so very much for sharing your pretty hand work.


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