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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Take A Stitch Tuesday...Herringbone

I spent some time last night sketching out some combinations using the Herringbone stitch which is the first challenge on Take A Stitch Tuesday ( . I should be actually stitching the ideas, but right now I'm pressed for time, at least until I get the donation piece done for Breast Cancer. I think Sharon will forgive me!
Another interesting question I came across at Studio Friday. How would you fill in the blank in this statement: "Proud artist of ____________"? There are two words in that statement that scare me...proud and artist. Me, an artist? Me, proud of something I've done? Wasn't I always taught that pride goeth before a fall? I admit I am trying very hard to overcome the label of 'craftsperson' and move over to 'artist', but it's awfully hard. I'm my own toughest critic and there hasn't been an article I have made that I haven't wanted to change in some way. There's always something 'wrong' with my efforts and therefore I feel I come up short. So, having said all that, I don't know that I could fill in the blank. How would you do on the same question?

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