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Monday, January 15, 2007

And more....

Today I haven't managed to get too much done. However, I did a combination button and straight stitch/lazy dazy in fine pearl cotton in the centre of one of the pictures. The other picture shows a corner I'm still working on. The original idea came from 'Motifs for Crazy Quilting' by J. Marsh Michler. I'm using variagated embroidery floss and multi-coloured beads. I think I will work the same 'idea' in each of the corners, only varying the layout to fit in the areas I have.
I also did the little clump of flowers to the right of the corner treatment in the picture (idea from another book I have called 'Ribbon Embroidery for Crazy Quilters', put out by the American School of Needlework). It's done with silk ribbon leaves and the flowers are padded straight stitches also in silk ribbon. Stems are good 'ol stem stitch using embroidery floss! Enjoy.

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