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Friday, January 26, 2007

Exciting mail!

Look at what I received in the mail today! I don't remember if I mentioned awhile ago that I had signed up to do an art swap thru the Artella site. This swap was somewhat different in that I send a parcel of art to someone and then in turn, I would receive a parcel from someone else entirely. Great fun! Not like the one on one swaps I'm used to doing. It's rather daunting to send something to someone when you only know their name and address and nothing else about them. My muse sent me this wonderful journal she had altered...just for me! I am amazed that she would know that I had been wanting to start an art journal AND that I had a love for butterflies too. I really shouldn't have been surprised though, after reading the comments on the Artella site from others who have taken part in this swap in other years and how they were always thrilled with what they received. Apparently (according to the email I received) my muse-ee in California was just as happy with what I sent to her. Who knew she made dolls and wanted to do altered books? The world works in mysterious ways! Thanks Karen for my wonderful journal!

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