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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Completed UFO

This is what I finished up yesterday out of my UFO box. I made several of these for Christmas gifts and didn't have time to complete my own. It's from a pattern called 'A Quilter's Necessary' copyrighted in 1993 by Cindy Blackburn. There are all sorts of pockets to store sewing needs in. I chose to load extra bobbins with different threads so that I could carry them with me, rather than carrying whole spools (you can see the holder on the right side). The black
'blobs' are felt needle holders. There's a ribbon to hold the scissors in place and they, in turn, are held in a pincushion. I chose to turn one of the pockets into a thimble holder (not that I use one, mind you, but there's hope). It's just above the scissors holder. There's room for a small cutting board and/or a plastic ruler; a couple of pens or pencils, rotary wheel and various other things I might need. It will be handy to carry to any workshops I happen to go to. The outside fabric is a Laurel Burch and I used a lime green on the inside to co-ordinate. However, when I finished it, I decided the lime was a bit much, so ended up using iron on appliques of some of the fish.
Made what I had expected to be a short stop at Fabricland this morning, only to be amazed at the number of people milling about. Turned out they had their members only 50% off sale. Well then. Who am I to not spend money when things are cheap?! Only problem was that their debit machines were down and they couldn't check you out unless you had cash. Do I ever carry cash? Not. purchases are in bondage at the store until a) either the machines are working again or b) I go in with cash. Tomorrow is soon enough to figure that out. Suffice to say I will have 1" foam to pad my santa's body; lining for at least two jean coats; enough fleece to make a present for an upcoming birthday; and three different colors of sequin trim (which I didn't really need, but coveted); some thread and a pkg. of cheap plastic bobbins so I can add more colors of thread to my case. Not a bad haul!

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