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Monday, January 22, 2007

I'm getting there!

Things are progressing on my wallhanging (they'd better since it has to be in the mail the end of this week!!). Today I did a little detail to the left of the large pink ribbon...just some stem stitch, beads, and a heart-shaped button. Pretty simple.
The other picture shows more...I did three areas surrounding the simple rose. To the right are some flowers that look somewhat like cosmos, done in some variagated nylon thread, with some pearl cotton to do the leaves and stems. To the left of the rose are just some free-form flowers done with ribbon and some absolutely horrible-to-work-with 'stuff' that insists on fluffing up and doesn't want to form into anything concrete. they're fluffy flowers! The area sort-of between and above the fluffly flowers and the cosmos has some more silk ribbon flowers and a pearl button. Some of the flowers are done with the loop stitch and some were spider web roses. Tomorrow I hope to finish the stitching.....

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