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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Progress, a Christmas present, and a poll

Two pictures today. One is of my progress on my wallhanging. I've appliqued the pink ribbon and started my seams using cretan stitch and two strands of pink embroidery floss. I will overlay the pink with another row of ivory, also in cretan stitch...or at least such is my plan!
The other picture is of the cover of one of the books I got for Christmas. I love this book!! I was planning to write my own review of the book, but instead I will quote from the back cover: "Join 15 artists as they explore a rainbow of color schemes in a remarkable art journal collaboration. Using all kinds of media, each artist contributed a journal cover in her chosen palette and a page -- or more--in the journals as they traveled from studio to studio throughout the United States.....these one-of-a-kind works are filled with page after page of techniques and mediums, including stamping, painting, sketching, fabric art, metalwork, transfers and layered texturing". There is enough inspiration in this book to last a life-time. Specs are: 'True Colors - A Palette of Collaborative Art Journals' , published by Stampington & Company, c2003, ISBN# 0-9717296-3-8.
Poll question is this: Would you like me to continue to review some of my favourite books here on a semi-regular basis (not every day)?? Please leave a comment and let me know! B'sides, I want to know how many people are reading this!


  1. Go ahead if you like, but I usually tell you my opinion without permission (& in person) anyway, lol.

  2. Anonymous12:51 PM

    sure ,why not? What I would like to know is how you are fairing with the sitch thingy ?
    don't worry we're all reading your posts - we're just too ignorant to post back. rotten lot eh?


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