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Monday, July 24, 2006

Studio Sidekicks!

Friday the topic was 'Studio Sidekicks' on Studio Friday. are being treated to pictures of my critters that quite often keep me company in my workroom.

Cats are: Mitzy (the grey one); Whiffet (the multi-color); and Cosmo (black & white). Mitzy is the oldest and was once known as the cat-from-hell because she would whack you as soon as look at you. She has mellowed into the nicest lap cat, but I can't say as I trust her even yet. Depends on her mood! Whiffet came next and is better known as 'Fat Cat' (for obvious reasons). She spends most of her time loafing around trying to avoid all the other animals who all delight in making her life miserable. Cosmo (named after Kramer on Seinfeld) has name that very much suits him! He loves to make an 'entrance' just like his namesake. He very rarely moves at anything slower than a dead run and gets into more mischief than you can imagine.

Dogs are: Gypsy (better known as Gyppy) and Odin. Odin is just a big nut and loves everybody to distraction. He's a combination of border collie and springer spaniel and is my favourite (shhhh....don't tell the rest!). Gyppy is a llasa apso/shihszu combo and practices being dumb as a post, and mostly succeeds. She makes up for it by being cute though! You can see her pink ball in front of her in the picture, which she insists on driving us mental with during our meals. Her favourite trick is to bounce it off your bare toes.

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