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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Definitely mumbling today!

No pictures, no real topic. So....I shall mumble (which some would say is what I do best anyway).

We've had two huge rain storms the past couple of days which is panicking Jack a bit since he is hoping nothing gets flattened in the garden until after the tour on Sunday. Well, sure enough, this morning a branch was broken off his catalpa tree. He had hoped to do a huge weeding today, but it's far too muddy to attempt it. One thing about gardeners...they're at the mercy of Mother Nature!

You can tell by the lack of pictures that I haven't had any time to do anything creative either. We had all our kids home on the weekend for varying amounts of time, so didn't accomplish anything. We 'did' thoroughly muck up our diet tho' by going to the Kawartha Dairy to have a large ice cream cone. Large isn't so bad you say? haven't seen the large you get at Kawartha Dairy!! Complete with waffle cone and ice cream dripping off your elbows. Yum!

Tomorrow I'm hoping to make some strawberry jam (freezer type). We don't eat much of it, but the kids like it. Nice to have some in the freezer anyway.

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