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Saturday, July 15, 2006

More pictures!

It's another hot day and good to stay inside. So what are we doing? Baking! Tomorrow is our family reunion (here) and we're busy making a carrot cake (recipie from the Harrowsmith magazine). Then we have to roast a ham. Are we bright? We should have done the easy thing and bought something!!

Todays pictures are of a 'insect' themed RR piece that is mostly finished but needs a few more touches to complete. I love what people did on this one already. The second picture is a tableau (in more ways than one!) that we had in our backyard. Jack made the cement top for the old sewing machine legs using rhubarb leaves and marbles for decoration. The chair was given to us pretty much in pieces. Gardening books, a cup of coffee and one of Jack's old gardening hats completed the scene.

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