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Monday, July 10, 2006

Chapter Two In the Trials & Tribulations of Gardening

Guess what? It appears that whoever the 'good' samaritan was that called us about the milkweed on Saturday must have also called the local by-law enforcement officers. Sunday morning there were two of them parked in a van across the street peering most studiously into our garden. Now you can't tell me that they were simply interested in looking at the garden! They didn't come in and didn't approach me when I appeared on the scene to take pictures. Interesting development. We spent today rather wondering if they would re-appear with some official piece of paper, but so far they haven't. All this fuss because of a couple of flowers!!

Todays picture is another in my series of round robin pieces. You can enlarge it to show detail. I have taken a number of pictures of the garden as it looked on the tour and at some point I will show you a few of them (at the risk of boring some people who only read this for the craft content!).

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