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Friday, July 28, 2006

No picture, but interesting & fun

Whilst I was cruising around reading my daily blogs, I stumbled on this (from and thought it might be fun to do. How about trying it along with me? There's a lot of 'tagging' going on through the blogs and this is one of them....

1. 5 things in my purse
-a very old cutout of a piece from Readers Digest about what to do with me when I die (morbid?)
-a picture of Jack taken before we started dating
-a coin from a trip we took to Niagara Falls & a small stone from another trip

2. 5 things always in my wallet
-drivers licence
-medical card
-library card
-ATM receipts
-money (rarely)

3. 5 things always in my fridge:
-cranberry juice
-lemon juice
-soy milk

4. 5 things always in my closet
-dirty laundry
-extra purses
-out of season shoes
-last year's Christmas cards
-my sun hat, that I never wear

5. 5 things always in my car
-car registration
-2 insulated coffee mugs
-charger for cell phone

6. 5 things on my desk
-various & assorted pieces of paper containing interesting web sites to visit when I have time
-a list of my favourite blogs
-a can of pencils & pens

There, have fun and see what you come up with!

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