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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Sounds in my Studio

Studio Friday's topic this week is 'Sounds in My Studio', which I thought might be interesting to pursue. What are you hearing right now? Here it's the air conditioner; the dehumidifier; the sound of keys on my keyboard; the squeak in my chair; Cosmo running amuck upstairs (sounds like a small horse); another cat scratching in the litter box (you don't want to know!); the clinking of Odin's dog tags as he tours around to check things out. Here I thought my room was pretty silent, but such is not the case when you start to pay attention.

Had a couple of heavy storms today...both while we were driving to & from a garden show. It cleared up and the sun shone while we were at the show. Very weird! Cars had to pull over during the first one because you just couldn't see to drive. It's been a pretty strange year for weather.

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