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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Days 1, 2 & 3 of the 100 Details For 100 Days Project

I realize I have a lot to learn with taking close-up pictures with the digital camera, but until I get the scanner working again, this will have to do!

This is the first three days of the '100 Details For 100 Days' project that SharonB is doing on her blog : Sharon is so very generous to share her talents! Day on the blue square. Day 2 is the rather fuzzy silver & white treatment, which is a really nice way to add ric rac to a project. Day 3 is on the purple-y and is the grapes/flower treatment. I really like this one too! Some of the days Sharon is giving us two treatments and the second one for day 3 is edging the blue rose hanky agove the grapes/flowers. Think they are supposed to be wisteria, but mine look a little more like grapes I think. Could be the colour I chose! I have Day 4 & 5 done too, but have yet to take pictures.

I'm closing in on catching up (hah!!) being on day 5 with 24 more to go. Day 6 is gonna take me awhile tho because it's long & short stitch, which has scared me for years. Oh well, I will bite the bullet and begin. Wish me luck!

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