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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Last Two!

These are the last in my series of UFO's (aren't you glad?). The white one is a fan RR that I took part in. I have plans to make this into a wall hanging at some point. Make sure you enlarge it so you can see the exquisite work my friends did. The blue one, if I remember correctly, was one I simply traded one of mine for. She had a family problem and was unable to finish hers, so sent me what she had done, along with some additional embellishments for me to put on.

You know how they say things come in three's? Well, I have to admit I find it so often to be true. I have my 'worry hat' on this week because three people who are close to me are going through some pretty rotten stuff. One friend is having very extensive oral surgery done tomorrow; another is being tested for leukemia; and my husband has another biopsy being done today to check a couple of spots for any further melanoma. Sometimes life happens this way, and all I can do is hope for the best and stitch to try & take my mind off it. If you happen to feel like praying, please feel free!

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