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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Paying the piper

Well we paid for the heat with a beaut of a thunderstorm last night. The wind did a lot of damage around the town and we were without hydro from nearly 11 last night til almost noon today. Fortunately we didn't have much happen here other than the planter we had hung in the tree at the back fell down. We were rather worried about the huge row of pine trees right beside us, but other than our usual shower of cones and needles, everything seems ok.

The garden picture is actually the view of our vegetable garden through the arbour you saw yesterday. This morning many of the potatoes are listing rather heavily from the wind and rain last night but we think they'll come back.

The CQ piece is the very first one I traded one on one for. It very nearly stopped my entire career in CQ! I sent her my very amateurish effort and just look what she sent me...a piece of art. This one will not be going in my quilt because I want to have it framed properly to display on the wall. Isn't it gorgeous? It's a wonder I wasn't totally intimidated.

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