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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Reporting again...

Today I've had more time to play on my wallhanging. One of the pictures (click on it to enlarge) shows a rose (to the left of the appliqued ribbon) which I did using one strand of sewing thread and stem stitch. There's even a droplet of dew! Thanks to Pam Kellogg of for the pattern. To the right of the ribbon you can see the section I am working on right now, which I will show finished tomorrow.
The other picture shows a close-up (in the middle) of another area I did today. The idea for this came from an article in the CQNewsletter ( and is a pattern created by Shirlee Fassell. The flowers are assorted pink beads and the leaves, etc. are a combination of stem stitch using fine pearl cotton and a semi-long & short stitch using embroidery floss. Enjoy!

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