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Friday, May 26, 2006

Studio Friday topic...aged/antique

The topic today for Studio Friday was 'aged/antique' and this is my entry...a picture of my most treasured antique (which just happens to reside in my studio). Not exciting you say? Just an old ratty looking book?

Well, this book is the diary of my great,great,great grandfather which he began writing in 1869 and ended over 40 years later, shortly before he died. There is an entry for every single day, generally beginning with the weather. He was a farmer and weather was important in his life. There are also world news entries which are inserted sideways in the margins..maybe because he only got a paper once in awhile and went back and noted things he thought were important?

My dad made the wooden box to house the book and to hopefully preserve it somewhat. The pages are becoming quite brittle. He also re-wrote the book in its entirety, which is the copy we use. Someday I hope to be able to have it published.

Studio Friday is something I have stumbled across in my surfing on the net. Each Friday a topic is chosen and the challenge is to find something in your studio space or create something in your studio to reflect the topic. If you're interested go to: to find out more. I have to figure out how to post my entry to the site, but thought I'd start with this topic anyway.

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