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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Love/hate spring!

This picture is of the front flower bed, which is really pretty right now. The bleeding heart has just started to bloom. BTW...yesterdays picture was of a flowering almond (finally remembered the name).

I love the new growth, the flowers and all the pretty shades of green in the spring. However I do not love my swollen eyes and not being able to breathe! Allergies seem to be really bad this year, at least for me. I look like Jack socked me one and everywhere I go I get greeted with a shocked "WHAT happened to YOU?"

The bathroom is coming along...slowly. Hopefully the tub will be installed (and working!!) today. Maybe even the drywall will go up. The entire house is covered in a fine layer of plaster dust but there's no real point to cleaning it because once the drywall goes in, there will be a whole lot more. Renovating is not fun!

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