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Thursday, May 04, 2006


Today I have a picture of the lampshade I made at a workshop our quilt guild gave a few months ago. It was such fun to make, although I had to be careful about sinking pins into my fingers and leaving the resulting mess on it! You use LOTS of pins making one of these, so there is lots of opportunity to cause yourself pain. They are pretty easy to make though - once you get the hang of it.

Despite my best intentions yesterday I didn't get too much cleaned up in my workroom. Ended up getting groceries instead - boring, but necessary should we feel we have to eat for the next month. I was lucky enough to make a stop at the bookstore though and picked up a book about making fabric art journals, plus I ordered a copy of the new 'Mason Dixon Knitting' which will be delivered (soon I hope!). The mail yesterday brought my copy of the Somerset Studio book about ATC's that I have been wanting for months. It's gorgeous and will take many, many readings to even begin to absorb the beautiful artwork. New books make up for the messy workroom!

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