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Thursday, May 18, 2006

More in the workroom series....

Another picture in my series of my workroom. This one is to the left of my computer. The green cabinet holds all my paper supplies for altered art and atc's, along with some funky fabrics destined to be art dolls someday. The louvered doors above hold a myriad of 'stuff' chief of which is my collection of glues, buttons and such. Of course I have the ever-present dehumidifier, which is difficult to will note however, the 'head' residing on top. She is at some point going to be an artsy funky creation (when I get around tuit, that is!). Above that you can see the wonderful clock my friend Julie gave me for Christmas. She found it at a Value Village and revamped it for me, adding buttons, needles and all sorts of embellishments. As always, if you click on the picture, you should be able to see it larger. Oh yes, the covered up 'thing' on the top of the cupboard is my White sewing machine, which I keep for a secondary machine (I love my Janome!). Basket holds my current selection of favourite Cd's.
Hope everybody is enjoying the 'tour' of my studio. I don't think there's anything particularly special about it, but it's mine and I love it anyway.

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