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Monday, May 29, 2006

More of the garden

Summer is here! It's hot and I like it. The picture for today shows another part of our back garden (taken a few days ago). The 'ball' to the right of the picture usually has morning glories growing around it, but of course it's too early for them to show. The ball itself was an old globe from a 70's hanging lamp (we're too cheap to buy a proper gazing ball...especially when I think the lamp cost us something like three bucks!). To the right in the picture you can see a flattish table affair which holds our resident garden fairy who is laying on her tummy reading a book (what else in this house?). The table is actually on the top of the stump of our maple tree which blew down in a storm several years ago. The white 'building' is a corner of our garage. I don't know if you can tell from this picture, but there's a large overhang along the side of the garage which makes a nice sitting area. The bird feeder is next to the bed where 'Henry' resides. Behind that is 'the orchard' where we have three apple trees and a plum tree. The three big spruce trees at the back are on our property line too.

Today I plan to do some more cleaning in my workroom so I can finish up the series of pictures I've been doing for you to see. Then it's back to work on my UFO pile....

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