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Friday, May 19, 2006

Another studio picture....

This picture shows the storage cabinet I have on one wall in my workroom. When it's not in use I have a green curtain which is velcroed to the top that I can use to cover it up. The doorway is just to the left in the picture. I store most of my CQ supplies in this cabinet in plastic tubs (from the dollar store!) which I have labelled with what is inside. The brown box on the second shelf up is an old jewellry box, waiting to be remade into something funky for additional storage. The bottom shelf holds a bunch of 'stuff' - mainly interfacing and bubble plastic. The grey boxes on the middle shelf hold my sewing patterns, my santa claus patterns and various bits and pieces used in doll-making. You can just see in the bottom left corner my black plastic tool box which holds all my folk art paints & brushes. I have another tool box in the furnace room which holds my leather tools.

We're finally getting a day where it might not rain, 'might' being the key word! Jack is champing at the bit to get outside and do some work in the gardens, but it's been too wet. He just cut the grass (between rain showers) two days ago and it needs it again. I expect the phone will start ringing shortly with requests from his 'ladies' to get their lawns cut (he does five lawns, besides ours). There is certainly no shortage of things for him to do!

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