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Monday, May 22, 2006

Idiots and studio picture

Ever wonder where people manage to get their driver's licences? I certainly do (cracker jack boxes, I'm sure). We had an altercation of sorts with an idiot on our way home from the city on Saturday afternoon. Despite the fact that Jack was exceeding the speed limit himself, an idiot driving a nice shiny black truck decided he needed to pass a no-passing zone, and on a hill. Idiot was endangering his life as well as ours and whoever might have been coming over the hill (fortunately no-one was at that precise moment). Anyway, Jack gave him 'the finger' to which the guy slammed on his brakes, got out of his truck and started mouthing obscenities at us (still on the hill I might add). We, in turn, drove around him on the shoulder. He then passed us again and slammed on the brakes (still on the hill!!). I made a great show of writing down his plate number to which he decided to leave us be. Honestly, where do these jerks come from and why do they all have to drive trucks? No offense to the good truck drivers out there! Argh.

Todays picture is of yet more storage in my room. The tall chest of drawers and the one below are full of more colours of fabrics I use for CQ (each drawer is marked with a coloured dot so I know what colours are inside). The table in front is what I use as a cutting table. The wooden box below is full of fur which I use for bears and trim on santas. The smaller drawer 'thing' on top of the left side is full of wool, fibres and trims. On the floor you can see a couple of plastic is full of smallish pieces of denim and the other holds my UFO's (or at least some of them!).

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