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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Plant shopping

Today we went shopping for more plants for Jack's garden. We went to our favourite greenhouse and picked up several really unusual perennials and also stopped at a few other places too. Now he's outside complaining because he has to plant them all! That's what you get when your garden is destined to be on the garden tour.

Today's studio picture is my denim/bead corner. The cabinet (covered in fabric) holds my collection of recycled denim and it's FULL! Obviously I need to get busy and reduce it somewhat. There's a long coat spinning around in my brain, so that should use up a bit. My toaster oven and a radio/cd player sits on top. The toaster oven was a garage sale find with the idea in mind that I would use some of my polymer clay...not. It's sitting there, gathering dust! The only reason the non-working radio is up there is because it's far too much effort to move the denim cabinet to unplug it! Most of the time Cosmo (the black & white cat) is lounging up there too, watching me sew. The shorter cabinet holds my beads in various and assorted types of containers. I'll take a closer picture of the inside so you can see later on. There is a bowl of cat food on top (to keep the dogs out of it). Above that is my light 'table' which is mounted on the wall for easier storage (actually it used to be for x-rays in a previous life).

Hmmm... I guess if I'm going to show much more of my room, I had better clean it up so you can tell what it's supposed to look like! You really don't want to see it right now!!

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