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Monday, May 15, 2006

Mothers Day and hmmmm

I had a really nice Mother's Day weekend! Picked up our youngest son and his girlfriend and brought them home for the weekend. Prior to that we stopped to see our oldest son and his girlfriend and they gave me a lovely basket of soaps, which will look really nice in our bathroom until I can bring myself to use them. I love to just admire things like that for a long time (until they get dusty!) before I use them. Probably I'm weird. Then on Saturday right after lunch a large bouquet of carnations arrived at the door (from son #2). Wow...I'm spoiled!

Of course we had to spend the weekend 'roughing it' as far as the bathroom is concerned. Still don't have a toilet or sink, but at least we could have a bath. Our contractor is here this morning and hopes to finish it all today. Keeping fingers crossed!

I attempted to add a picture to this post, but for some reason the pictures have disappeared, at least according to Blogger. Hmmmm. Will have to see what's up with that. In the meantime, I guess there isn't a picture today.

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