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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Another studio picture...

Are you tired of studio pictures yet? This one shows another storage area. The two stacked filing cabinets hold my files of cut out/run off crafting ideas and patterns in one drawer; my Santa Claus magazines in another; my Australian Embroidery and Cross Stitch magazines in another; and (believe it or not!) there is nothing in the final drawer! Hmm...will have to rectify that, won't I. On the top I store my little ironing board and right now my album that holds my ATC collection is sitting there. To the left you can see an old chest of drawers (one of three) which holds part of my collection of crazy quilt fabrics, all sorted according to colour. Above that are some more magazines (mostly Belle Armoire, Somerset Studio, and Quilting Arts) and binders that are holding my collection of crochet, knit, tatting, and paper arts patterns & ideas (mostly those I've downloaded from the net). The blue bin to the right (on the floor) holds my rolls of 'stuff'...things like brown wrapping paper, freezer paper, wax paper, and such. The HGTV bag is holding things I have earmarked to share with my friend Kym.

Are you bored yet?? I keep reading on different blogs how much people like to see where others work and how they store things, so that's the reason for the detailed 'tour'. I must admit I like getting ideas from the workplaces I've been seeing, so hope that someone can get an idea or two from me too.

Went to Toronto today & picked up our oldest son and his girlfriend for the weekend. At least this time we have a bathroom they can actually use (not like it was last weekend when youngest son came home). We also stopped at a really cool kitchen store (think it's called Kitchen Stuff)...sure wish I had been rich because there was a lot in there I would have loved to have. They carry some neat little things too & we actually got a couple things for little Christmas gifts.

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