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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Still no toilet...but hopeful!

We still don't have a toilet...well, we have one but it's just not hooked up. Maybe today? Actually the bathroom is coming along really nicely. I'm liking each new addition and can't wait to see the end result.

Today's picture is to the right of my computer, showing my bookshelf which is chock full of crafting books - most of which I have never used. I don't know if I prefer collecting books or making crafts!! Somehow I suspect it might be the former. The little creatures you see between the monitor & bookshelf are three guardian angels/fairies who watch over my computer (mind you, sometimes they don't do a very great job of it!). The dark strip to the right of the picture is the doorway leading into our furnace room, which is a place you definitely don't want to see. We're hoping to replace the furnace and get rid of the oil tank that's in there, which will leave more space for storage and, since it's right next to my workroom, guess who's taking it over? Mine, mine, all mine!

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