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Friday, May 26, 2006

one of our trees....

I almost hate to post this picture after the one I had to show you yesterday! We have an area in our backyard called 'the orchard' - somewhat of a misnomer since our 'orchard' only has four trees! However this apple tree was loaded with blossoms and we are ever hopeful we will have some to eat come fall. Last year we only had four..three of which the squirrels sampled first. There seems to be a lack of bees doing the pollinating (suspect they are all having a feast on that lovely crab apple from yesterday and ignoring our poor little trees. Unfair! Don't the bees know that we want to eat our own apples? Sheesh.

It's raining again. What else is new? Oh well, it makes the grass grow and the plants Jack has managed to get in the ground between showers will benefit. We'll wish we had some of this rain in a few weeks when there is none to be had. Feast or famine. I'm hoping to get the planters done this weekend so keep your fingers crossed for decent weather!

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